I find it really easy to make riffs and chord progressions but they always end up real sappy and boring, like something that might play in the background of a cheesy reality show moment. I am having a hard time writing something upbeat, something you can nod your head to I guess you might say.

Anyone have any tips or cool chords that you can suggest??

side note
I mostly listen to the Strokes, the Black Keys and the Arctic Monkeys so that's the kind of music I'm trying to make.

Yeah, i find this problem as well. ( I am just kinda new to recording)... You should try listening to some new songs.. Thats pretty much all you can do..

For example, when I was writing my "Seventh Recording Ever!!" (on my profile) I was thinking of "Fast Car" by tracy chapmen. And thats where I got the acoustic riff idea from.

Also try not just playing the normal chords or power chords. For example, use the D bar chord shape and you will get different kinda sounds as appose to maybe the E or A Bar chord shape. Remember to use the C A G E D system as much as possible to get cool and different sounds...

Goodluck though fella
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