Good job, nice tones and solid playing...just one note: I thought the clean lead tone in the intro was a bit harsh, I'd smooth it up a tiny bit but maybe it's just me.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1452804
Thanks for commenting on my vid man.

o_O clean tone is f'in tasty. Distortion bit now...

...dude, this is awesome. ^_^ Your riffing is tight as fack, solo's spot on, and the tone is good. Beastly job, this deserves a crapload more views than it's got.
Utterly jaw dropping quality bro, fantastic job. C4C http://youtu.be/DD_9sjiRv9Q
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As said before, the quality is great, both video and audio and i like your tone! Its by far the best cover of this song on youtube, good job!!
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Awesome cover What tuning is it in i Assume drop A#?

Ure absolutely right
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wow the playing was perfect! did you figure it out yourself? and how did you get the tone so clean? do you direct input your amp or use a computer based effects processor?
mind checking out my live dream theater cover?
not as clean as your's though haha

Thanks! i mic up my amp with an sm57 mic, the chain looks like this: Amp -> Mic -> mbox mini 2 soundcard into the computer via usb -> pro tools, and in pro tools i usually ad a high pass filter and a little compression.
And ofcourse finding the right mic position gives you a clean and nice sound