I need some good metal songs to learn im an intermediate begginer and im stuck for songs to learn i can already play songs like

master of puppets,fade to black-metallica
the deceived,rain-trivium
waking the demon,scream aim fire-bfmv
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Most Metallica songs are pretty easy.
Dyer's Eve
Fade to black
The Four Horsemen

Black Sabbath songs are really easy but a lot of fun to play.
Some of my Favorites:
Sabbath bloody Sabbath
Children of the Grave
Iron Man

And if yore up for it, you could try Black Fire by Dragonforce.
Unholy Confessions - Fun as **** when you get the intro dialed, girls love it.
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raining blood. always raining blood.

Counterweight by heaven shall burn is pretty fun too.
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ive always been a big fan of hopesfall. never hear too much about them anymore.
Anyhow, if you have 2 guitarists a couple of my favorites and not overly hard to learn:

End of an era
Far pavillions
-Enter Sandman (Easy, but it is a masterpice)
-Nothing Else Matters (A bit slow, but a very nice ballad anyway)
-Ride The Lightning (One of the best metal songs ever!)
-...And Justice For All (Another masterpice)
-The Unforgiven (Love the solo!)
-Of Wolf And Man (Easy and cool to perform)
-Seek & Destroy (Excellent riffs to learn and jam with)
-The Call Of Ktulu (An instrumental song, worth learning)

And a lot of excellent songs from the Deat Magnetic album!
My personally favorite:
THE DAY THAT NEVER COMES (This is one of the greatest metal songs off all time if you ask me!
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Remorse Is For The Dead by Lamb Of God is really awesome to play... The Wolf Is Loose by Mastadon is easy but very fun...