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Ive been playing guitar for awhile now, a year and half atleast, and Ive never really understood the AMP settings.. I have a Crate (Acoustic) Amp 15 Watts.. On top it has 2 Channels. (In order) In channel one, theres input jack, and a gain knob (1-10), in Channel 2.. theres Input jack, Gain (1-10), Low (-15 to +15), Mid (-15 to +15), High (-15 to +15) and a Reverb level (1-10)... What are these for? Is there a regular level I should set these to? Just basically explain to me what to do with this to get the best sound, and what each does. Please and thank you
I'm just guessing here, but I think channel 1 might be for a microphone, and channel 2, for guitar.

Gain is volume. Higher gain= Louder noises.

Low controls the bas frequencies, so turn it up for a boomy, bassy sound, turn it down for a brighter, tinnier sound.

Mids are the heart of your tone, and make up the body, or depth of your sound. Too high, and it'll sound boxy and honky, like an old radio.

High is the high end presence of your tone, the bite, or the sharpness. Opposite to low, boost for a brighter sound, cut for a bassier sound.

Reverb is straightforward, the amount of artificial echo that is put on your tone. If you have it set too high, it'll sound like you're playing guitar at the bottom of a well, or inside a cathedral, which will sound strange if your vocals are completely dry (with no effects on them). Used sparingly, it can fatten your tone up, and disguise a bad pickup, to some extent.

The same with all controls, use each knob sparingly, and use your ears. Noone can tell you what sounds good to you, so decide for yourself, now you know what each knob does.
gain isn't volume, although it will make your instruments sound louder. gain is basically sensitivity, so the higher the gain is, the more bite or even distortion you may hear. does your amp have a master volume knob?

high is treble, medium is midrange, low is bass.
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