So i have the most tedious tuning peg problem ever and i was wondering if anyone could fill me in. The other day i was playing a show and one of my tuning KNOBS fell off. Not the whole thing, just the thing that you turn, the washers, and the screw that held it in. I was wondering if i am most likely going to have to buy a completely new tuning peg just for the small parts. Its a Korean agile and the parts off of my SX guitar didn't fit. Im really not looking to buy anything online but i will if i have to. Do you think stores will solely sell me the parts i need?
By the way, i couldn't find any of the parts when i re-looked if you didn't gather than.
Either the threads on the screw are worn, or you just never tighten it and it fell out.
Have you tried putting it back together?
I know it was just loose, but its just specifically just the turning key that im looking for. i was able to put it together before i lost the key. I just need to know if i can get those parts without buying the whole shebang.
Oh and it was just the screw holding it being loose, nothing else was wrong. Everything is still attached just the knob i turn to tune it is gone. Thank you guys for responding.