I certainly wouldn't buy it without playing it... The "no refund" is a warning....
definitely not worth the money. It says he put 14 coats of paint on it. The only reason to put 14 coats of paint on something is to hide what is under it. This looks sketchy as hell IMO. I would not buy it without playing it first. Even if it plays okay, I'd still be cautious. Your call, but I would pass and get something else.
Yeah, good call. I've already found some other things to consider instead. I love the look of a restored beater, but I'd rather know what I'm getting myself into.
Key guitars are something I love and hate. They had great pickups and are a lot of fun to play but were poorly made from low quality parts, except for the pickups. That guitar has had an absolutely horrible refinish done that has nearly ruined the guitar. It needs stripped and redone and it's never going to be like the original. A good luthier could fix it up but I don't know many good luthiers that would spend that kind of money for it.

Just because the guitar is old doesn't make it valuable. I'd give that one a pass.
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