Hey everyone,

Normally when it comes to broken guitars I can fix about anything that's wrong. But this time I was changing the strings on my guitar and I just noticed that the bottom of the fret marker is coming out.

So what should I do to take care of this? Leave it, fill it, bring it to a pro? Anything?
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From my experience, most fret markers are glued in with crazy glue. If you can pop out the whole thing, clean it up and reglue it, it'll be golden. Just don't use too much glue - you don't want it oozing out after you tape the marker back in.

Is that thing inset, or is it just on the surface???
Its inset you can push it back down, but it pops out.
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See if you can remove the entire marker, then use crazy glue to reattach it.

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I tried to remove the whole thing but the rest is in there pretty tight, and I don't want to use force and break something.
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Try to lift up just that side of it and get a dab of glue under there
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You should be able to glue it back in just fine.

Next time you polish your frets, don't use clear sticky tape, use blue painters tape if you can get it, or just normal masking tape, but stick it to some cloth first (like a t-shirt). If the tape is too sticky, like the clear tape almost always is, it can lift the finish, or leave residue, but masking tape won't.