i'm in a two-piece band, and my current settup is an acoustic bass combo(for lots of low end) and a 2x12 Fender Frontman. I've saved up 1,000 dollars, and I'm shoppin around music stores for a tube amp with maybe a smaller speaker design(It'll most likely be going through a PA at our gigs) for a boxy sound, and virtually no headroom so that it will always have a little bit of break up.

The band i'm in is similar to the black keys, but more blues. I think the amp should at least get over the drums in our practices in my drummer's garage, so that we can practice lol.

I've looked at various small fenders, and the epiphone valve junior, but I want something with a little more control so that I can dial in a more treble tone to counter the bass of the acoustic. It will most likely be sitting on top of the bass amp during gigs. I have a tube screamer, to help boost the signal, but I will be willing to get something else.
Well you would want an amp that can produce a sad sound, for dealing with the split.

And there's a relationship thread in the Pit if you need some help.