We made a new site a few days ago for all the skins made for Headcase Builder that is being developed by AcmeBarGig


Please feel free to stop by and take a look the site It will be Ongoing and updated So Call back as often as you like

The site has access to the storage Database created within photobucket to hold the Background Skins created so Far (Approx 110)

{Next is to create the Knob Sets to go with the Headskins}

Just click the view all button and it will take you to the storage Area

guys send in your requests Our email is S1770@AmpSkinDesigns.com

One thing to remember when sending in a Request is send us a High Def Image of your requested amp head as we may of never seen one

If you have any skins to contribute please feel free to drop a line and we will glady add them to the database