I'm going to be installing side handles into my bass amp, it's a combo, it weights 93.8lbs so I want an easier way to carry it down stairs.

Basically what I am asking, is will installing these handles affect the sound of the amp? You're drilling into the wood, so will that change resonance or anything?

Sorry if this is stupid, just don't want to mess anything up.

Also, is there any specific way to install the handles? Or do you just drill em' in?

One final thing, where would the best place to install them if you're carrying it down steep stairs. Upper-Mid of the amp, mid, low-mid, what would make it the easiest to carry?

Also, where would I buy them? Should I go to a music store, or just something like a Home Depot?

Thank's for taking the time to read this

EDIT : The amp is about a meter high, give or take.
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I'm sure there are audiophiles who insist any hole in the cab will alter the tone, but if it does, you won't be able to notice. Nobody will.

Just screw 'em to the wood.

I'd personally put them halfway up the amp, so that it doesn't matter whether you're going up or downstairs with it.

EDIT: When I said "Just screw 'em to the wood," I was referring to the handles, and not the audiophiles.
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Money beats soul...every time.

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Home Depot may or may not have amp handles, however, The Resource Thread will have a bunch of good sites that will carry amp handles.

As far as placement, I'd say position yourself going up and down the stairs with it, set the amp on the next stair perhaps, and find comfortable arm positions.

For installation, they may come with instructions, if not, check the manufacture's website for instructions.
You shouldnt notice any diffrence.
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Just installed them, I got some chest handles from Home Depot, max weight they can carry is 200 something lbs. Put them near the top, right above the speaker. Works great.