Music lost a heck of a musician today. Clarence Clemons, the sax player for the E Street Band (the band that plays with Bruce Springsteen for those who don't know) died today, from complications of a stroke he had last week. I searched barred it, and unfortunately nothing came up. My thoughts and sympathies are with his family and friends. Rest in Peace.


Now I have a sudden need to listen to some Springsteen...
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Never cared for The Boss. But RIP, that's unfortunate.
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I saw this story when I opened up my browser and came here to post it myself.

RIP Clarence. I'll never forget the time I got Bruce Springsteen's Greatest Hits for Christmas, and heard that sax solo on Born to Run. What a great musicians, he will be missed.
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I just saw this on another forum. It's a shame, Born This Way is one of the best albums this year too

I don't fucking need this shit this week.

This week has been fucking awful already, the fucking Big Man is still alive for another 24 hours as far as I'm concerned, fuck the news.

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Biggest musical loss in my lifetime, from my perspective. Devastated. Happy birthday to me...

RIP Clarence, you absolute ****ing legend.
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RIP. This is sad, even though I never listened to most of his music. But that's not as imprtant as the impact he had on people.