Hi, one of my friends is insane at guitar, but his youtube videos only get 100 to a couple thousand or so views each, hes good enough to become pretty famous but he doesnt know how to get his name out there. I think maybe posting his videos around might get him some more views

Here is one of his improvizations

check out the rest of his channel too, he has tons of videos.
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To try to make this thread relate this to the forum: He'll get a lot more views by recording the guitar with better quality. He may want to invest in an audio usb/firewire interface. If you want to get known, you need to put the effort into other aspects of music such as the presentation (this is why I suggest an interface); it's not just about being able to play well. I mean, he clearly has the guitar skill down!

Here's an example of what I mean when I say good presentation:
Just from the quality, the views came naturally.

Good luck to your friend!
Eh, he's ok, very disjointed and nothing really new or interesting, perhaps if he could write all that shredding into something a bit more cohesive.
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He does have quite a bit of skill though. Maybe he could help redefine the genre.
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I didn't watch the whole video, but the guy has got skill. There were certain points in that video that made me wanna grab my guitar and, ahem, borrow a few things but overall it gets pretty old, pretty fast. Literally adding a few little hammer-ons or runs in the rhythm would have made it more enjoyable and like someone else mentioned, watching it through a half decent webcam with shitty sound doesn't help either. All in all, you made me wanna look at a few of his other videos so I guess you accomplished what you set out to.
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Look out everyone, we have a report hungry UG'er here....

Lol, you must not be a regular to the recording forums. Everyone here, including lockwolf himself, knows that he's proud of it. I mean, heck, look at his sig. That's why I like coming to the recordings forum so much; it has character.
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He looks as though he obviously has some skill. I didn't think it was very metalcore ish or unoriginal. It sounded very buckethead ish to me, except that he didn't really have a melody to it. It sounded kind of disjointed and the parts didn't transition well. Being a guitarist it kept me interested for about a minute, but there wasn't enough of a melody or an ongoing theme to keep me interested. I would think a non guitarist would probably not even give it a second thought.
No offence to you or yoyr friend, but...

For you: wrong forum, and advertising is against the rules anyway.

For your friend: I know a fair few muscians just from gigging, who are beyond ths guy technically and musically, and I don't mean it to sound cocky but it souds like me a few years ago when I was obsessed with Malmsteen, Satriani etc. and (with hindsight) almost felt being good was about showing off and impressing people as much as it was to allow you more freedom when writing.

I feel a much better and competent musician now I focus more on playing anything cleanly and keeping solos on record to have a structure and melody/theme of their own (sure I still shred, but not constantly and more of my solos are about note choice than showcasing technique). I also feel better knowing I can play the stuff I used to still, but as I've worked more on perfecting clarity and playing within my boundaries, it sounds much better and listenable.

Aside from the style (which is more a taste thing, so others may well like it), there are a few slight timing slips when he's playing along to the looped chord pattern, and a few 'bum notes', which is sometimes very noticeable as he lands on them as finishing notes to a phrase and then has to try and bend up to the better end note or hit a few more notes to try and hide it (this is what I mean about thinking of note choice and not just how fast to play). The only other criticism is that if he wants to make a video of him shredding for that long, liven it up with more techniques and changes in style/backing to keep the thing progressing.

Being famous isn't about being good at your instrument (it helps, but won't get you there just based on your playing skills). If he wants to be famous the best way is to get a good band together/write some material, and record at least a high-quality demo then gig as much and far apart as you can, handing the demo out or selling it for next to nothing to ensure anyone who liked you and might want a copy, will be able to get one (if you saw someone for the first time, and they tried to sell you a 4-track demo for £5/$7 or something, how good would you need to find them to actually pay that?). And then if you're lucky, you get noticed and liked by a label willing to promote you and take you on,or you build up a loyal, returning fanbase allowing you to grow as an independent artist/band.
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