I saw a band the other day and one of the guitarists was playing through above mentioned head. I told him it was a nice looking rig. He said the head and cabinet are for sale for $ 100.00. My question was what's wrong with it. He said the cab cuts out sometimes when he hooks the head to it. I will meet him and play through it. What are your thoughts on this rig?
Pretty meh amp, IMO. At the same tome though, hard to pass up for $100. If you could fix it, you could probably sell it for like $250. The Supremes/Transtubes do make a cool backup/practice amp at the least.
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It's not just the head for $ 100.00, but the cab too. I have a friend who is an electrician that can fix any minor flaws.
It's not exactly an Amp everyone would die for, but at $100 for the the head and the cab, you've got nothing to lose. You could probably even fix it and flip it at double the price you bought it.

Head and Cab for $100? I say get it and get your friend to fix it. He can make your amp "Supremely Supreme".