Hey guys, I know there's not a lot of vintage type enthusiasts on UG, but this thread has blood in it. So that's pretty brutal.

I also have a duplicate thread on offsetguitar.com so here's what I wrote there. Yeah, I'ma attention *****.

Hey everybody, I thought I'd start on my next project (and first fretboard removal!) which is to re-build the neck on my 1967 Decca deluxe into a stable well playing thing. I got this guitar for $50 off craigslist on a sketchy side of town quite a while ago. It was super cool but that wore off after I got tired of fighting the worn (and badly filed) frets, warped neck, etc. Trouble is, the guitar would sound great... if I could play it. So thus the project. Also a learning opportunity.

So let the work begin!

A little heat and razor blade

More heat and a paint scraper (sharpened)

And BAM! It's off

BTW, I scored the paint around the 'board to neck seam before popping it off, as well as removed the nut.

But be careful getting to those last frets, I was pushing the paint scraper through the glue near the 3rd fret while holding the neck at the headstock when BAM! That scraper soared through the last bits and the fretboard popped off... this happened.

Tis but a flesh wound!

Lost a fret, but oh well, the plan is for a re-fret anyhow. Hey! No chip out!

Here's the "Steel reinforcement".... yes... it's aluminum.

A little ironing on the reinforcement and out it comes (with some prying and paint scraper holding)

Now for the questions (everybody's favorite part!)
So the plan is to install a truss rod. Is there any kind you guys especially recommend? Do you think 13-14mm is to deep of a channel? That's how deep the current channel is. Also, when measuring for truss rods, should it run the length of the neck or just from after the area where it bolts one (and subsequently flexs).

Also, what do you think, new fretboard or re-radius? I'm thinking block out the old one, just to keep it original. Also, the neck is mahogany I think and the fretboard's rosewood. The body is plywood hahaha.

Oh you probably want to see the whole guitar.

Here's an ancient picture from when I got it. I tried to re-build the missing trem pieces... no dice, it was floppy as wet spaghetti.

Headstock (with stuff on it)
How wide is the bottom of the truss rod channel?

I personally would fill it with a strip of wood and cut a new truss rod channel to fit a 2-way adjustable rod. They're usually 18 inches long, although you can get them with 20 and 23.5 for baritones and basses.
I recently bought a guitar with a neck exactly the same as yours, the body is slightly different though, most noticeably having a single pickup and a slightly different bridge.

I'm only planning on changing the bridge on mine for now, the original bridge is just a load of arse.. there's no way to adjust the intonation.
Stickied anyway, looking forward to seeing more progress!
In-laying a peice of dry timber and re-routering a new truss rod slot is the way to go. Don't forget to plane the twist out. as the russ rod will do nothing for twisted necks, before you refit the fretboard.

Sharp tools to ya!!
Alright new plan. Not going to buy a truss rod. That would involve to much routing and such for my tastes... So i'm going to turn my old reinforcement into a dual action truss rod! Shouldn't be to hard for me as I have much more experience working metal than wood. I'll just carve out the middle of the channel, thread the ends and run some all thread down it (then weld a nut on the end)!

Also, luthiers (if there are any here), do you think it will matter to have a truss rod that doesn't exactly run the entire length of the fingerboard? This one will come short by about an 1-3/4"
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I'm pretty sure I have the bass version of this, it's been repickupped with Burns Tri-sonics and given a metal scratchplate :d
This looks like it's going great. Good work on getting the fretboard off, i've never managed to do that without destroying the thing..
It's weird, I anticipated it being a very very difficult process, the kind of thing people who's hair is grey because they've worked on guitars so long can do. But I went at it with a razor blade, paint scraper and an old iron we use for waxing skis and it worked great! Just gotta get that heat in there.
Maybe it was the type of glue they used or something... anyway, looking forward to this. Are you doing anything with the body?
I have a g-holiday with that same body (except mines a 3 tier burst)

and I have a pawnshop find with a similar neck(but different headstock)
no sir away a papaya war is on