Hi guys,

I already have a crafted in indonesia custom squier tele - p90s.

I'm looking to add a more traditional tele ..

Unfortunately funds are only allowing a budget tele - thinking squier/vintage/??

Ive seen a used squier tele - made in korea. I'm asking which squier teles (traditional) are the best...
Squier Classic vibe 50's tele is an amazing guitar.. Can easily compete with mexi teles at half the price! Try it out!
I've heard that the current Squier Classic Vibe teles are pretty damn bad-ass.

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i've heard good things about them! I picked my custom over it at the time..

in terms of the others, which type is the best - in terms of country it's made in etc
Quote by NakedInTheRain
indonesian squiers are typically made better than korea or china ones.

Well, that statement is all sorts of wrong. The very best Squiers were made in Japan, then you'll see quite a few of them were made in Korea, which are exceptional quality and were made in the same factory that manufactures the Gretsch Electromatic line. Then, you see Chinese and Indonesian guitars that are much lower quality than Korean (which are comparable, at least, to Mexican Fenders) and Japanese Squiers (which were basically rebranded MIJ Fenders). Japanese Squiers are no longer made, and there was never any long term production of Korean Squiers so they're fairly rare, but every few years I'll see a couple of new Korean Squiers show up in my local Guitar Center. Whether it's old warehouse stock or new production guitars, I couldn't say.
Actually, I go by Dave, but there are already too many Daves on this forum.

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^k, all the current production LOW-END korean and chinese squiers i've played are shit, and all the indonesian ones i've played have been half-decent. and yeah i know plenty of great guitars come out of korean factories, by the way. just my two cents. kthxbye.
don't know about the recent ones, but i have a '99 Affinity Tele MIC that i've been loving for 12 years. with a proper set-up, Squier guitars are almost always keepers, IMO. That's why I have 7 of them.