I don't know if this should be here or in the recording section, but anyway...
Any advice on a solid - free - drum computer? I'm getting sick out of the generic sound of the gp5 drums, so im looking for something with a variety of sounds but is as easy to use as gp5.
Everything is free if you know where to look

There's some programs that I know of out there besides GuitarPro which'll do more or less the same thing for drums, which are free with no strings attached-- TabIt and Drumtrack come to mind. I haven't quite figured out how to work either of those yet, but I'm sure they're fairly intuitive for the most part.

This one is open source and you can customize the kits with some effort, add your own samples and etc.

This is the other, although it's intended for guitar... it's like a super raw form of GuitarPro basically. And uses the same samples (General MIDI), actually, so that's no help at all. Whatever.
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