For those who don't know the series: Entourage is a comedy/drama series centering around vincent chase, his friends and their Hollywood starlit life.

So there were half a dozen of Entourage threads around, so I decided to make one that focuses purely on the next season (season 8), rather than bumping those old threads.
So season 8 is premiering on the 24th of july, and will contain 8 episodes. Season 7 was the first time entourage had a real cliff-hanger of SPOILER vince's coke addiction and subsequent smackdown by eminem and arrest /SPOILER.
Season 8 will be the last season, after which there will possibly be a feature film. I'm very hyped up, I've watched all of the seasons and think this is one of the best shows around. It really "flows" well and gradually gets you sucked into the storyline.
Either way, what are your thoughts on Entourage? if you don't like the series, please be so kind to elaborate on that in an unoffensive manner. For those who do like it, what is your favorite season, episode and character? How come? And of course, let's speculate on how season 8 will develop.

edit: season 8 teaser trailer
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This thread is now about Entourage

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Can't wait. Entourage is awesome. But the last season really got me down...It was kinda sad to see the truth actually. So many successful people are destroyed by pressure, drugs etc.
Favorite...Ari Gold of course. Who else, duh!
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I heard in the new season Vinny starts hanging out and partying with David Lee Roth.
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I heard in the new season Vinny starts hanging out and partying with David Lee Roth.

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