hey, as title says im looking for a multitrack editor of guitar tab similar to guitar pro. im a beginner with this kind of stuff so something that is relatively simple to use would be preferred. thanks!

its not that great though...

honestly bro, just download guitar pro off piratebay
Tuxguitar is literally the free version of GP.
it plays all the files ect.
overall its pretty nifty
Love Tux guitar it's better than Guitar Pro in my opinion cause it can read both guitar pro files and powertab. As stated before it doesn't have RSE, but not many people need it for that feature anyway.
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TuxGuitar can read Guitar Pro files and it has drums, but it's interface is clunky and hard to work with sometimes. Powertab is much more intuitive and gives you much more control.

Since everyone here loves Tux, e.g. Tux doesn't tell you how far to bend a note, you have to select dynamic control (ff, mp) on every single note--even in a chord!--and you only get one type of slide.
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Powertab is pretty good for writing stuff on.


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Quote by R.I.M.S

its not that great though...

honestly bro, just download guitar pro off piratebay

I wouldn't.

Guess I may as well just say TuxGuitar as well.
Lol this thread is full of tuxguitar'ers

+1 to tuxguitar
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I think the only real negative I have with tuxguitar is that Double dotted notes don't save, and when you reopen the files there are only rests. The other problem is no fade out feature and when you go to change time sigs it adds extra rests to the rest of the piece, even if you only change it for a bar.

Regardless, it still works great for all practical stuff.