My name is Jesse and i'm 18 years old . and from amsterdam
i've playing guitar for 2,5 years as of now and i just love everything about it

I love music mainly rock music from 1970-1990

My favorite band is Def Leppard... and i know this will prob be frowned upon by the BROOTAL METAL guys , but the way Steve Clark played guitar made me want too pick up an Instrument and do that too...

I've just bought myself a new guitar and im waiting for it too arrive

Here it is its a 1985 ibanez DT155 and i've been wanting one of these for a long time

Im a sucker for 80's 'Hot rod guitars' Like Charvel , Kramer etc etc

I'd love myself an 80's BC rich bich with the 6 on a row Headstock


Well what more is there too say.. i recently quit my band because, i did not want to play music i dislike because having only slayer like songs on your Setlist is just...boring

I hope i can get some help on here making my old dt155 like new

cheers people and rock on !