I have up for sale pretty much my entire live setup.

The Peavey 6505 212 combo packs a punch and is a top choice for many metal bands. I recently replaced the tubes and they only have a few hours on them.
The thing is heavy (both heavy sounding, and heavy to lift)
Footswitch is included

The ISP decimator is a fantastic noise reduction pedal and almost a must buy for High Gain amps such as the 6505

The SKB pedal board (PS.25) has its own power supply with comes with soft case, assorted cables and such. (Never have to worry about those 9v's again!)
It has 6 9v spots to hook up 6 pedals and also has an effects loop on it.

I am selling everything as a package deal for $850.

New the peavey costs $1200, the decimator $100, and the pedalboard i got for $200 a few years ago.

I am from outside of Philadelphia
You are more than welcome to come try everything out if you live nearby.

If you guys are interested in the shippable stuff (ISP or the Wah) Ill do 80 on the ISP + shipping and 40 on the wah + shipping CONUS via paypal

I'm looking for this amp to purchase at the most for $700 in the next 2 months. Comment back if you want to negotiate a price. I've also been looking for the ISP Decimator too. I live in TN so of course you will have to ship, we can do everything through PayPal once I sell one of my guitars