I tried to sing to a song, just to find out if i could sing in my own songs or not.
I know this isn't that good, but hey it's the first time i try. I tried to sing in tune, my guitar might not be perfectly in tune, sorry.
Please say what you think, again I know it's not that great.

Thank you^^

I can definitely tell you that you are not tone deaf. Next time tune your guitar It helps you stay in key. For being as short as it is, I think if you practice, you could get better at singing, try looking at singers like Matt Bellamy or Other great rock singers. Feel the emotion in the sound and let it forumlate into words or be able to pick up their techniques to help you in your singing.

Overall not bad, I've heard much worse

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Very nice man! With singing it is very important to push with your diaphragm and really belt out the notes. My choir instructor always said you've had a good singing session when your abs are tired after, hehe. Another thing that I constantly catch myself doing when I play live or record (I sing harmonies/second parts in my band, not the lead vocalist) is singing with my mouth tight or nearly closed. Really opening your mouth will help your tone/annunciation/confidence dramatically, though when I do it right I feel like I look like an idiot, haha!

Very very good start man, keep up the practice!
So, I couldn't hear you too well, but here's what I could gather: you've got potential, and you know pitch, but there's room for improvement. Some tips:
-Singing should come from the diaphagm. There should be as little tension as possible in your chest, shoulders, and throat muscles.
-You should be able to fit two fingers vertically in your mouth when its open. Always.
-Learn how to fry scream (not kidding. Learning how to scream helped me to learn how to use my diaphragm)

Good luck!
Okay, thanks for the feedback guys. I will try to sing with my diaphragm.
Another question, if i try to sing along to, let's say smells like teen spirti (just an well known example) i need to sing really high till it sounds good. Tough it doesn't seem that kurt cobain sings that high.
Is it like a high e and a low e on a guitar?

Thanks again guys
Dont really focus on recreating the artist, focus on making the song your own when singing. You don't want to be a copy cat, you want to only draw inspiration from them !

Not saying by any means that this is easy of course...

Just my 2 cents.
Ok since I'm takin some time maybe you could and listen to mine back!


ok here we go!!

You on a really good track! WOW it takes so much to show people you're singing. With more doing it you WILL get better but you are already on track! Like someone said, just be yourself. When you hear your voice come out of you dont think "oh, its not like ______ so its no good" think "ive never heard this sort of thing.... maybe I have something special here!" YOU DO!!
Don't tell me what can not be done

Don't tell me what can be done, either.

I love you all no matter what.