I have a telecaster copy. The pots were bad so i just straight wired the pickups. But there is still alot of background noise. the wires are also exposed would that make background noise?

Would the transistor looking things that were on pots eliminate background noise?

I was wondering about pick ups

If i wrapped more coper, or maybe tryed to clean the coper would that help my pick ups?

The metal pickup sounds more sensitive upside down, So maybe i should take the metal cover off?

The guitar just doesnt sound all that good so im wondering if theres a way to make my pickups hotter i guess.
Generally the best thing to do is get new pickups and sheild the pickgaurd.

One thing i have noticed is that pickups for telecasters are cheap compared to humbuckers and the more general market stuff so a good pair for your tele wont break the bank. also replace the pots as they may be part of the problem. My mate overhauled his chinese tele for about 180 nzd which works out to about 140 usd. compared to a sd pearly gates that cost me 210 to drop into my sg with new pots. Thats a single pickup.

also you can buy a sheet of sheilding from most sites like stew mac but if your on a budget tin fouil workd just as well.
when you say shield is that to block noise? my guitar is very noisy on distortions. I never would have thaught. ill have to do some research on that.

I think i seen modern pickups for a tele i think hot rails or something.

thanks for the reply
The sheilding will reduce a part of the noise but better pickups will stop alot of the feedback from the amp