I've only just started paying interest in les pauls and im playing on buying an Epiphone. I have £310 budget and im left handed so im looking at an epiphone les paul standard in ebony but i was wondering whats actually the difference between all the different types such as; standard, special 2, black beauty, studio and so on
And im also wondering which ones are available in lefty

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I know that a Black Beauty has 3 humbucker pickups and a special only has one volume and one tone where as a standard has 2 volume and 2 tone knobs. Studio I don't know but I am going to guess different wood. In fact they will probably all be made out of different wood.

Anyone correct me if I am wrong.
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the special 2 i thought had a piezo pickup for some sort of acoustic sound if you put it on...
and the studio is just i guess a cheaper version (worse wood, pickups and stuff)
Yeah i've seen the black beauty and it does look really nice, although i must admit i prefer the les paul custom in ebony out of all of them, nice black finish with gold hardware.

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Quote by kwidjibo1
Yeah i've seen the black beauty and it does look really nice, although i must admit i prefer the les paul custom in ebony out of all of them, nice black finish with gold hardware.

yeah probably the only difference is that the black beauty gives you a wider sound spectrum.....

Ooh and the special II is actually not the one i thought.. the one i was talking about was the ultra..
The special II is the absolute beginner LP

CHEERS! and good luck with choosing
that makes sense. i did see the special 2 in a local guitar shop and it was half the price of the standard so obviously there must be a fair bit of difference. I probably will go for the standard to be honest, they sound good and as far as i know they are pretty decent quality. Might take the pickguard off so its all black and more modern looking.
thanks man

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The special 2 is a cheap bolt on beginners guitar, everything on the guitar is cheap.
The Studio is a solid mahogany guitar with a set neck, the p/u's aren't great, but the rest of the hardware is diecent.
The Standard is a little better wood,mahogany body w/ maple cap (I believe)
It looks like the Special II, the Standard, and the Custom are all that are lefties.
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epiphone have a vast range of les pauls, all made of different woods, different pickups, tuners, bridges, different finishes, more expensive ones tend to be better quality. same for all guitar companies, for instance fenders range of strats
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The Black Beauty doesn't always have 3 pick ups. They do make them with 2 humbuckers. Black Beauty just means it's black I'm pretty sure
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The studio is basically a standard that cuts out all of the fancy cosmetics but keeps the sound and playability of the standard.


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Studio,s have a lower grade of wood and weaker pickupsUnless you swap some shit out yhey suck when they're cranked.Not a lot of sustain,shit like that.
The Epiphone website lists the specs of all their guitars; simply look there if you want to know which models have which features.

The only thing they don't tell you there, but which is quite obvious, is that all the guitars below the 'Standard' get inferior wood, fitting, etc. The Studio model can be an alright guitar for the money, but you're going to want to make sure you get a great deal on it; generally the Standard isn't much more expensive and often feels and sounds a bit nicer. The 'Ultra' and 'Prophecy' lines are considered to be Epiphone's best Les Paul models; if you look second hand you may find Epiphone 'Elite' or 'Elitist' Les Pauls, which are the real high-end. These were made in Japan and are, for all intents and purpsoes, exactly the same as Gibson Les Paul Standards but with a poly finish instead of nitro (poly is slightly tougher and doesn't fade/discolour as quickly; many purists argue it dampens the guitar's tone, though).
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