Still looking around to buy my first electrical.

On some guitars you have a set up of both a single coil and a humbucker which will give you both worlds and is more versatile I suppose.
But on others you have 2 humbuckers with the possibility to disable 1 coil via a switch.
Will the sound of an activated single coil on the humbucker be comparable to the sound created via a single coil pickup (provided they are from the same brand and the coils are comparable)?
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We live in the magical world of coil tapping. Certain configurations allow you to get a single coil(ish) sound and a humbucker sound from the same pup. It does basically exactly what ur asking, but the SC sound isn't quite the same as a true SC.
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What will be the best choice or the most versatile then for a first electrical which can handle all styles (except metal) but blues to classic rock to modern alternative will be most likely.

One with H-S-S set up or one with 2 humbuckers with coil tapping?
As repairman said, a coil-split humbucker doesn't sound quite the same as a single coil. I would personally say an HSS is more versatile, since I play a lot of music that involves single coils, and only use the bridge for my more metal-ish playing. But if you played more music that is done on a humbucker, then you would want the HH coil split setup, since the single coil would be taking a back seat.

What are you trying to play, artist wise?

EDIT: changed my misuses of "coil tap" to "coil split." Thanks for pointing that out, ragingkitty.
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Its call COIL SPLITTING recruits.

Please get it right. You split the coils so only one coil is active.

A coil tap is where you have a pickup that as an additional TAP OF WIRE, that when you tap ON THE ADDITIONAL TAP OF WIRE, the pickup is hotter.
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