Pretty self-explanatory title. Buuut... During the colder months of the year (September-March), my guitar strings stay perfectly fine. But around this time of year when it starts getting hot and humid, EVERY SINGLE TIME I go to pick up my guitar, my highest three strings (G B E) are insanely dirty and rusty. It happens overnight and it happens even if I clean them after I play. Does this have anything to do with the humidity? Is there anything I can do to prevent this?

I live in Northern Indiana btw. Gets humid here.
if the fretboard is clean, skip steps 1, 2 and 3.

1. take all strings off.
2. get razor and VERY carefully scrape any shit off the fretboard.
3. oil the fretboard with the appropriate oil (ask at a guitar store)
4. replace strings, use Elixrs.
5. wipe down and clean strings every day. use some fast fret as well.
6. keep it in a hard case which has a lining.
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It has everything to do with humidity, which means they're probably steel coated strings. I feel like the best way to prevent it would be to buy nickel plated strings instead - though they will give you a slightly different tone. Or I guess if you have a de-humidifier, you could use that in the room. Are they old strings? You might just change them if they're old. There's a protective coat that could have been worn off exposing the steel to the humid air
Humidity, and, if you sweat when you play (like me), then that will hurt them as well.

Where abouts in Northen Indiana?
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Where abouts in Northen Indiana?

Warsaw. hahaha.

And, yeah, I think a lot of it has to do with the Humidity. I've heard good things about the Elixir coated strings