Great music, liked the varied harsh vocals, switching between death growls and fry screams. Good lyrics, not generic. Guitars are pretty thin, and the production doesn't do it justice. If it had a fuller production, it would be pretty awesome. The production is really flat. Needs more bass, cymbals, and snare.

"Vox Populi" - Decent. Liked the long scream in the middle. Great guitar work. Liked the wall of screams near the end.

"Laramide Orogeny" - Better guitar sound, but I can't hear the bass at all. The bass is what holds the mix together, and its nearly absent for most of the song. Really digging the clean vocals, but they need a fuller eq job. Liked the clean/harsh vocal interplay. Not that I can't stand swearing, but the f*** near the end was totally unnecessary, didn't make sense.

"Commandeer That Satellite!" - Guitar sound isn't as good, though the talent is very apparent. Harsh vocals aren't as good on this one, but the singing redeems them. Drums are thin, but I can hear the bass on this one. Could use a spacey/ambient synth imo. Liked how you let the mic clip out on some of the harsh vocals. My favorite of the three.

Overall, liked how the songs weren't terribly long. My favorite was "Commandeer That Satellite!". Keep it up! You guys obviously have talent, but the production just doesn't do you guys justice. You have the material for that sonic punch, but the production lacks that wall of sound needed for it. Keep posting!

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Thanks for the critique broham! These songs are the 3 songs on our Demo. We are currently about half way done recording the full length. These songs will be on there with some small variations and will be fully mixed and mastered. Hopefully we'll have that out by early fall. That's the plan anyway. Thanks for taking the time to listen man! We appreciate it!
why not try listening to others music first? There are so many beautiful songs here!!
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