heads up. i put this as my own thread because other gaming headset threads didnt seem to touch on this one or asked about different ones.

im looking at a medium quality gaming headset (ax 180) and i was wondering if any pc gamers use it or any other tritton headsets and if so, could you tell me if i could use the headset for voice chat alone and still use my main speakers as the game and ambient noise output. i dont need to have the little 3.5mm plugs plugged in right? i can just use the usb input no?

setup would be like so,

xfire(voice chat)- headset

main output (gaame noise)-speakers.

xfire has an ability to select input and output but that is problem atic if im required to use my 3.5mm jacks. they turn off the speakers (thus screwing my needs) =[.

thanks guys!!!!!!!
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It depends on your audio card software settings. Some have the option to turn on the speakers when headphones are plugged into the 3.5mm slot.
If the headset has USB capabilities, then theres even more of a chance. The phones will probably be listed as a different sound card, so you can select that sound card for xfire chat or whatever, and choose your speakers for the game sound card.