Yeah i know this has probably been discussed somewhere before but im interested in all of your opinions. IMO they were both great bands. Vedders vocals were excellent as well as his whole band. Cobain wasnt the best guitar player didnt have the best vocals but he had that touch that made his songs catchy. Not to mention grohl behind the drums. But, had vedder died instead of Cobain do you all think that Nirvana would be as popular as they are today? I really do not think so. IMO if Cobain was alive today MANY people would hate him call him a junkie , etc. Had vedder died i see pearljam being more popular. what do you think?
I'm a huge fan of Nirvana, but I like a couple of pearl jam songs. I feel that with nirvana, it was never about the music, it was pure grunge (and Dave Grohl is awesome). If this were an argument about raw talent, PJ would def win. But when I'm in the mood for grunge, I want sad, underproduced, crappy distortion feedbacking guitar riffs (i'm a big fan of Bleach even though production was shit). Basically, I like some of PJ's songs for their music and vocals, but I like nirvana's overall style.
Verdict: Nirvana vs. Pearl Jam......................and the winner is............. Alice In Chains!
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and the winner is............. Alice In Chains!

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this wasnt really like a vs thread it was more like if this happened what ould be the difference today