I'm putting together my first guitar, and I installed the tuneomatic posts in the holes and I was told that I am supposed to have a 'ground wire' soldered to them. Did I make a mistake? If so, how do I go about removing them safely. It was an EXTREMELY snug fit requiring more force than I was really comfortable with to get them in there.
awesome. that video is very helpful. I'm curious, I looked at a few videos and I'm putting in EMG active pickups and from what I saw on the videos they are saying you DO NOT need a ground wire. So should I just leave everything alone? Am I OK?
Grounding wire needed for sure.

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No you do NOT need a ground wire for active EMGs.

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Grounding wire needed for sure.

Sharp tools to ya!!

I can't find any info that says I do need a ground wire for the active pickups. Even EMG wiring diagrams don't show the ground wire going to the bridge.


Look at that link. 1st page, Bullet #4 says:

4) When installing EMG Active Pickups, DO NOT connect the bridge ground wire. This wire is usually soldered to a Volume or Tone Control casing and goes to the bridge. This wire grounds the strings and uses them and your body as a shield against hum and buzz. It also creates a shock hazard.
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No you do NOT need a ground wire for active EMGs.


Although I'm a pickup expert, I'm not an expert on active pickups. Do you really not need to ground your strings for active pickups? On passives it creates hum and I can't wrap my head around how it wouldn't cause the same problems in actives. I guess that is why I still don't touch active pickups...
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