Hey all, I know there must be a introductions thread but my search inst working so ill just do it in here.
Im Tom(MrMouldyBread) I have been playing bass since February. all of my friends play guitar and i wanted to do something different, hence bass. And I love it. Im interested in a lot of diffident types of music. I am using an Ibanez GSR200 I hope this is a good bass to learn on. It "feels" right to play with it. I am only using a Vox pathfinder 10watt amp as I have to keep the noise down due to neighbors etc. so there it is my first Ever introduction on an online forum.
I actually have the same bass as you and have been playing for 3 years or so, its a really good beginner bass, I've only felt the need to upgrade recently - as of now I'm getting a Ray 34

I also started bass for the same reason you did, only it was because of guitar hero, before I even noticed the bass guitar in music.

Anyways, welcome, hope you enjoy it here. There IS also an intro thread right here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=35 But I'm not one of those guys who will say *reported and leave you with that
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Welcome to the bass forum Tom! You'll probably find that we're a generally jolly (and somewhat inebriated) community here, and there's a wealth of resources and good information here in this forum to help you along. You have yourself a good starter bass, although I hope by Vox Pathfinder you mean the bass version (for your amp's sake).

Make sure you look over the forum rules stickied at the top of the forum, and since you're relatively new to bass, I'd recommend taking a look in the FAQ, also stickied at the top of the forum. Welcome to the low end!
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Welcome to the home of bassist on UG. I'm Dan, I'm one of the moderators of the bass forum. As tostitos said check out the rules here:


There's also a makeshift community thread at the top of the forum called the Forum Plan thread V3. It's where a lot of the regulars chat and where you'll find a lot of friendly people.
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Dude, I have that bass too and it is AWESOME for the price. welcome welcome
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Welcome to the world of low end!
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Welcome to the pub of UG.
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You should look for a band who are starting up. helps you develop your song skills too
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Thanks for the kind replies. Just read forum Rules, very funny indeed. I can see why this is the chillest forum on here.
Chillest forum??? You, sir, haven't been to the pit. My rule of thumb:

If you want quality/good resposes/suggestions: post in the bass forum
If you want 500 responses in 2 minutes but all are rubbish/related to food in some way: post in the pit.

Welcome sir. Anyway.......I HAVE THAT BASS TOO!!!!!!!!!!
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Thanks for the kind replies. Just read forum Rules, very funny indeed. I can see why this is the chillest forum on here.

Welcome to the bass forum. First off thanks for the kudos on the forum rules. Dan (another former mod) and I wrote those ages ago.

Yes we are the best of the rest here and you will find that you can ask any question about your new instrument and we'll be happy to help. You've made a good start with the Ibanez; its one of my favourite starter basses and will serve you as you learn the low end.