Many things for sale!

1: Live-In Amp Case with 4U rack and storage $350 shipped and PP'd
This amp case was made by Ryan Adkins of (http://www.wix.com/forerunnertheband/adk-audio-web-site) It was made for a Carvin V3 amplifier, however I ended up selling the Carvin and got a 5150. The 5150 also fits in the case but it seems it is a little shorter so you have some room above the amplifier. It is snug on the sides so it holds real well. I can provide dimensions later today. The case includes front and back panel, and 2U rack drawer (i keep picks, tuner, ear plugs, and other things). The website has all information on the case's construction.


2: Jackson RR3 with Official Jackson Hardshell Case $400 Shipped & PP'd

You all know Jackson RR3 specs so i will not regurgitate them here. The guitar plays well, intonation and action are great. No problems with the licensed floyd rose. Has a Dimarzio Super Distortion in the bridge and an Air Norton in the neck.


3 LK Ivey Guitar $250 shipped

I bought this guitar a long time ago and played it at home for a long time. It never really suited my style but the price was good and I needed a second guitar. Anyway, the guitar is neck-thru construction with a licensed floyd rose. I cant make out the name on the tuning machines and the pickups dont appear to have any markings on them. The build of the guitar is superb and while it works perfectly as is it would truly shine with some upgraded gear.


4: Danelectro Fish and Chips 7 band EQ $15 shipped & PP'd

Great budget eq!


5: One Spot AC adaptor and all connectors $25 shipped & PP'd

you know what this is.