Hey guys, I made lots of covers recently, and I decided that It will be very cool to make some with another one! So, if there are some of you that have some free time, want to make some covers with me, write me here, on PM or wherever you want. I am waiting! Cheers!
I am new to this forum. Just registered today, but I've been digging around in the site for a long time. On youtube I am rayzrskynyrd. I've just recently posted some cover tunes and will be adding more daily. I sing anything from Chris Cornell to Willie Nelson. Love classic rock. check me out on youtube, if you think I'd be good for your project,,,lets give it a whirl.
Oh guys, sorry for the late reply. I didn't think anyone is interested in this stuff, so I totally forget about this thread. Well, I am mostly interested in doing some metalcore, post-hardcore, modern metal stuff, from Lostprophets, through FFAF to Asking Alexandria, Architects, BFMV and this type of bands, you know. Hope someone is interested!