Alright so after hearing The Seatbelts from Cowboy Bebop I have finally realized I should listen to some jazz, only problem is that I know jazz is a massive genre, so I need some direction. I really enjoy John Frusciante's style of funk, and I am in love with The Seatbelts music, but I don't know where that would put me geographically on the jazz map.
I know the popular jazz musicians like Coltrane and Davis, but what would be good for a person who likes those bands? I'd prefer to have a guitar in the band so I could learn some stuff. Sorry if this sounds really convoluted. Can anyone recommend me some jazz?
im a big john fan myself and while i dont listen to much jazz i really like the album native sense by chick corea (thought its mostly all piano and the like and no guitars). also check out this recent tweet from flea

"a great jazz album to start with is 'kind of blue' by miles davis....."
I'm just gounna list some good musicians/bands.

Django Reinhardt
Count Basie
Dave Brubek
Wes Montgovery
Ella Fitzgerald
Eva Cassidy
Hot Lips Page
Roy Hargrove
Johnny Mercer
Dizzy Gillsepie
Jamie CUllum
Polar Bear
Herbie Hancock
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django for sure, i cant believe i forgot to mention him. i have probably as much of his stuff that i could possibly have and its all amazing
Miles Davis's quintets and other groups are what you need to look at first really, even if you're familiar with him. If not solely because of the music but also because of the other jazz musicians he worked with and some he helped make famous. I'm talking about his various groups with John Coltrane, Red Garland, Paul Chambers, and Wayne Shorter, Ron Carter, Herbie Hancock, and Tony Williams, among many others.

Also look at Art Blakey's group for hard bop
The Headhunters for funk
Greg Howe's album Extraction with Victor Wooten and Dennis Chambers
Heavy Weather's album Weather Report with Jaco Pastorious
Also Charles Mingus, Roy Hargrove, Freddie Hubbard, Charlie Parker, Chet Baker, Peter Erskine, Chick Corea, Pat Metheny

It's such a wide genre you really have to take the time to see what suits you, I would recommend possibly using a service like Pandora, or an online radio station to give you a wide mix of genres and styles
For stuff like The seatbelts, I'd refer you to some big bands, mostly Duke Ellington, Stan Kenton, Steve Speigl, Howard Rumsey and Carla Bley.

Also in that vein would be guys like Wayne Shorter, Bill Evans, Charles Mingus, George Russel, Horace Silver, Howard Roberts, Joe Henderson, and Kurt Rosenwinkel