I am hooking up to a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe to a Fender single coil tele with some effects in between. Maybe I'm not use to the amp, but it keeps sounding like the tone is underwater. I want to make it a little more trebley, but simply moving up the treble dosent really help.

Any ideas??? Thanks guys and gals.

Simplest answer first: Check your toneknob?
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How many effects do you have? If theres a lot or some of them aren't true bypass you can get some high end loss, you can try plugging in straight to your amp and see if that helps.
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Take all the pedals out, and just go Guitar > Amp.

Still have a problem? If yes, check the amp's tubes.
If no, then put in one effect at a time, trying each one individually.

What cables do you use?
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