Hey. I have a Cort X2 guitar, and I have installed some EMG's (HZ h4's).
I've read a bit about recommended pot frequencies for different pickups and would like to know: Firstly:What frequency are the pots in my guitar? and,
Secondly:Will I get a gain boost if my pots are 500k?
If your guitar previously had humbuckers (I'm assuming it did), it should have 500k pots, which is what's recommended for passive humbuckers.

passive single coils = 250k
passive humbuckers = 500k
active humbuckers = 20k (i think that's what they use)
It's resistance, not frequency. I have no idea what you have in the guitar (wouldn't be surprised if they are 250K, but you'd need a multimeter or something to find out), but you'll get zero noticeable gain boost from changing pots. It could cause the treble to be more pronounced though. If you don't have enough treble for your tastes then increasing the pot resistance could help.