So I recently purchased an amp head (Orange Tiny Terror ) but it won't arrive for another week. Meanwhile, I traded my combo amp and an old guitar for a Raven 4x12 cabinet in preparation for my head. The problem is I know nothing about cabinets and I'm not sure what I can and cannot do with it, so I have a few questions...

Where does an amp derive its power from? When I got the cabinet it came with nothing but itself and a speaker cable, no adapter or outlet connector. I also do not see any other inputs on the amp other than the two speaker cable inputs on the back.

Can I plug in things other than an amp head into the cabinet? Firstly, can I plug in my guitar? Secondly, I have a special adapter that can connect the same sized cable to a simple audio cable, is it safe to directly plug my iPod or computer to it?

I'm not sure if these are completely stupid questions, but either way, any help would be very much appreciated.

you can plug other things such as power amps into cabinets, other than that i cant think of too much else thatd work into a cab besides amps and power amps.

think of a cabinet as a box of speakers, thats all it is, theres no amplifacation in there, only speakers. hope that helps
The speakers are powered by the amp.
The Tiny Terror is rated at 15W.
15W of electric power
Where do you think all that power goes?
Down the speaker cable, into the speaker.

You cant connect either your computer or yuor i Pod into the guitar speaker. Both release line level current which isnt enough to power anything more than headphones. PC speakers have a power amp built in.

So you cant connect anything but an amp.
Ok, so I have a tiny little practice amp that has a headphone input... could i connect that cabinet to that?