I have a weird encounter on my Godman Les Paul copy, (used guitar btw)
The nut that came was on the guitar broke, and I bought a new nut,
which sounded fine, then I realised it was a Left handed nut, which made power chords hard to play,

Then I bought a right handed one which was strange, If it was tuned fully, certain Basic chords wouldn't sound right, sound like if it was tuned a little higher than it should, I have filed the nut slots but still haven't made a difference,
Then my Crafter D-8 was out of use for a while, Used the nut off of that, Sounded just how it should,

The main question is should I use a acoustic nut on my LP?

Any help I appreciate

Tom Hughes
Sounds like you just need to re-adjust the intonation. Godman.
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