What is the best Les Paul type guitar for under 1800$?
I play everything from blues to heavy metal.
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An ESP Eclipse would probably be a pretty good choice, that's all I have to recommend (played one for a few today, it was pretty sweet).

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Definitely look into an Eclipse. They are super versatile guitars.
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^ I've heard really positive things about them - yet to try myself as I haven't been into a stockist or someone with stock...

The Eclipse is a good suggestion, since you want metal as well as blues.
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if you are more worried about metal, go eclipse, more about rock/ blues than Gibby. however the gibby will do better at metal than the horizon will at blues IMO. i own 6 gibsons and owned a horizon a while back. they are very different guitar, and you really sshould just get the one that feels better in your hands.
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Gibsons do metal pretty well, and you can get a really nice one in that budget. I'd suggest going to a shop and playing every Gibson in your budget. And also the Eclipse. The ESP Eclipse has a thinner neck and many think they're easier to play because it doesn't feel like you're holding a baseball bat.

I prefer the Gibson slim taper necks over the Eclipse neck, however.
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I'd get the eclipse if I were you. or maybe you wanna go for Gibsons? Edwards/Greco Les Pauls perhaps?