I'm on my second VOX v847a wah. The first one the pot was scratchy as can be, so I got a second one(thank god for warranty). I tired using electronic cleaner but it only lasted a day.

Now a few months later with the new one I'm noticing a little scratch, not major but I know its gonna get worse.

I love the wah it has a good sweep for my style, the pots just are crap.

So what is a good pot to replace the original one with? That will last longer.
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What's the pot value? I know the pots they put in Dunlop Crybabys(yeah, crappy pedal, I know) seem to last forever, my GCB-95 has no scratch to it and it's a piece of junk.

i have no idea what the value of the pot is, i cant find that info anywhere.
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Ok, so it's just a 100k ohm pot, idk if it's linear or audio taper, so someone else is gonna have to answer that.

okay thanks for your help

now hopefully someone helps me find the right pot.
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I would put an Hot Potz II in there. You would just have to run wires from the pots circuit board to the pot lugs.
dunlop runs a rv2 sealed mil spec pot in that position.

it's a 100k audio.

you could probably run one of the bourns 95s as well.

they are about 10 dollars.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
will they change the sound a lot? Cuz i like the sound now, just the pot gets dirty fast
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Wow... so the A and B can refer to linear OR audio taper... depending on how old the pot is. I suppose if it is a new wah, it should be an audio taper.
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that's only for mil spec markings.

A, B is linear. C,D is log. E is reverse log.

consumer non sealed is A audio B linear.
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so whats the best sealed pot to get and keep the VOX tone?
Im not sure about the Hot Potz II since it is used on the crybaby.
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different pots shouldn't change tone much since it's just a resistor. Changing capacitors/transistors and values etc. will have a much bigger effect on tone.
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i couldnt find anyone them on ebay... where is a good place to buy them?
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that's the only place to buy a cheap one.


that's the only other place. you'll need the rv series pot.

you could also use a bourns 3852 series or a 95 series pot. you'll have to get those from mouser.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
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okay, so Linear or Audio? So i can get it off the website someone suggested before
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I think AcousticMirror already determined it was an Audio pot. If the pot says A100k, that usually means it's a 100k audio taper. The type of pot isn't really going to affect the tone/sound per se. It will more affect the sweep of the pedal. How smooth it will be. The wrong taper can bunch the treble or bass towards one end.

I personally would still go with the HPII but to each his own. The generally have a really good sweep and last a long time.

You might even think about this one: Pot - Wah Replacement, Life Pot, Smooth 100K at tubesandmore.com
Search "wah" in their seach bar and it should show up. They put these in some Vox wahs.
so I had this same problem about 3 weeks ago and i replaced it myself with a dunlop HPII. it actually was quite easy just read the directions. i believe that it has the same sound. if you really want more info i possibly can get a recording of my VOX V847A to you. and i can give you directions on how i replaced mine. I couldnt get the solder to melt off the circuit board so i used the prongs on the old pot to use as soldering points
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I dunno, I don't discriminate. if it's got a black cover and an ICAR taper, it's probably good.

With that kind of logic, how can you go wrong!
Same here. I don't believe in mojo too much either. There are a few old circuits that tend to work properly if you use the correct "mojo" parts but for the most part modern day parts work just fine.

There is much rebranding going on and it's hard to keep track of what is what. Not to mention all the fakes of transistors, IC's, etc. on Ebay. I've tried a few pots that look like that in a few different values and they all turned scratchy really quick. The ones that work best for me are the HPII and the little blue Life Pot. I always go back to them and they are always my friend. Always buy from a reputable company.
I recently got this Wah used, haven't really played on it to much....starting to worry me : /
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Quote by teamhex
I recently got this Wah used, haven't really played on it to much....starting to worry me : /

like i mentioned earlier i just had to replace my pot(w/ a Dunlop HPII) i got the pedal as a christmas present and it was used. that was back in 2009. so mine lasted a long time before it finally went on me.