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Hi guys and girls!

Over the recent days, I've been commenting a lot on unsigned bands on forums like this, and I've found it quite giving and fun to do so. There is obviously a large market for bands that need reviews, and I shall start giving some.

The main concept of this will be honesty. I will not give every band 8/10-10/10 only because I want to be nice to everyone. If your band rocks, you'll get a good rating. If not, the rating will reflect just that. Reviews will be posted on a blog that is in the works, and in this thread.

What you have to do - Just post the name of your band, genre and link to the music release.

* Only active bands.
* There must be at least 3 free songs to listen to from the Demo/EP/Album.
* Only your own bands.
* Only metal bands. That does not include country.
* Reviews might take anything from hours to days to write, as I'm busy doing other things in life too.

The only thing I ask in return is that you check out my band, and maybe let me know what you think:

Important - I screwed up originally here. I meant to review band's releases, not whole bands. So please specify which demo/EP/Album you want to have reviewed. If your band has only released singles, I will review them as an album or a demo.
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I'm listening to your band as I type this, so, here goes:

My band is called Bite Your Tongue. We don't have any songs recorded, but we have YouTube videos of shows. This one is our most recent upload, and part two is in the suggestions. The setlist, for reference, was:

Johnny Bravo Saved My Life
Charlie Sheen Has Tiger Blood
Break and Shake
Forgive and Forget (Miss May I cover)
I Thought You Said Slurpies!

The second video starts at Forgive and Forget, so that shows you the video is divided =P
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Down From The Sky:

The musical part

- The vocal parts are interesting and sound unique. Guitar riffs are very generic sounding, but the quality of the growling vocals make up for that. The songs are varied. Some of the transitions seem a bit forced, with songs consisting of riffs that were never ment to be in the same song. But mostly this demo sounds good, and the song structures are stable, but not repetive. The intro to "Aftermath" is epic wonderful and epic sounding, and almost has a Hanz Zimmer-feel to it. Harmonies are used sparingly, and that's a good thing. Musically, where this band struggles is when it comes to buidling up enery for the breakdowns, and thus they also sound a bit forced at times. Most of the rhythm guitar playing is very tight and pleasing, but the lead guitars sometimes lack a bit in the tightness area. Overall the musicality is above average.

The technical part

- When it comes to the mixing and mastering, this four track demo could use a better production. One can only assume that this is a self-production. It is very easy to tell that the drums are not real. The rhythm guitars are not panned enough to each sides, which would certainly help the overall sound of the mix. Drums don't sound like they have been mixed at all, and the songs could do with some more compression on the mastering end. Considering the band have probably done all of this themselves - this is not disappointing at all. Recording, mixing and mastering is serious business. If this has been done in a professional studio, someone needs to lose their job.


- This band is very well worth a listen, and has a very promising future. Hopefully, future demos and albums will have better production, improved song structures and tighter playing. I will pay attention to what this band accomplishes in the future - for it shall be interesting to see. The music is there, it has it's hiccups which almost get augmented by the lack of a proper production. Promising - just not there yet.



Bite Your Tongue

*disclaimer: I have only been provided with live recordings, which make it difficult to hear anything at all, so this will have to be a short and maybe slightly inaccurate review.

The musical part

- The first thing that strikes me about this band is the energy and groove. Everything feels right from the first second the guitarist strike their strings. Some metal purists might say that it sounds too random and genereic. Vocals are right on the spot. The usage of dissonant breakdowns seems good. At times this music makes you want to jump out of your chair and punch the nearest living organism. Guitar harmonies are present and seem well used. The drumming is very tight and radiates confidence on a high level.

The technical part

- As I'm listening to a live recording on youtube, it's hard to say anything about this band's sound. At least it seems like the band has a good live sound. More than that I cannot say.


- It's hard to judge by the live videos (which are good considering the quality these videos usually possess), but I have to say that this sounds promising. This band gets a good rating with a large margin of error. I (and you should too) will eagerly await a proper studio recording, which will reveal the true sound and skill of this band. Live you can get away with a ton of shit, in the studio you can't.



Things Move In My Closet

The musical part

- Musically this is not the most varied and innovative piece of music ever released. The vocal melodies are nice, and most of the guitar riffs do make sense. Chords progressions are of the usual kind for this genre, but serve the music well. The biggest letdown comes here; the breakdowns lack any kind of energy at all, which is what you would expect from this kind of music. The song "Bad Luck Ginger" does not build any energy at all before plunging into a terrifyingly dissonant breakdown, which unfortunately only subtracts energy from the whole experience. Most of the playing is very nice and tight, except for a few glitches here and there. The lead guitars seem to lack a bit of confidence, intonation and pick attack. The song "Nicotine" is a lot softer and almost has a ballad feel to it. The chorus is nice and catchy, and this song fits the production type a lot better.

The technical part

- What strikes me very first is that this is one of the bands that actually have recorded live drums. While live drums certainly sound alive, it is also extremely difficult to make them sound punchy and heavy. As said earlier, the song "Nicotine" fits the production pretty well, but "Bad Luck Ginger" sounds more like Kanye West producing metal in his studio. With a more punchy production, some more air in the mastering EQ frequencies, the song "Bad Luck Ginger" would sound a lot better. I miss some more reverbs in the song, especially on the lead guitars. The rhythm guitar tones are terrifying at times, but once again fit the song "Nicotine" very well.


- I would love to see this band go in either one or the other direction. Right now, their two songs almost sound like completely different bands, but the production quality only fits one of them. In the future, this band has potential in both directions. It is a bit hard to figure out what this band's music is trying to say, but give them a year or two, and things will probably sound more confident. Things Move In My Closet simply need to make up their mind and concentrate their music more around one type of sound. There is potential, which has not been used to it's full power yet. "Nicotine" makes up for what would be a pretty bad rating, and saves the day for this band.


Bound In Blue

The musical part

- Instantly melodic, heavy and catchy. The first song "Overtaken" immediately grabs your attention and makes you forget everything else. Nothing sounds forced, even though some guitar riffs might sound a little bit generic. Everything flows very well. Musically this band prevails. Nothing to complain about here. This music is fresh and very, very well composed. Many bands in this genre sound dull, this does not. It's hard to review something that sounds so good when you can't really find anything to pick on. The songs could be longer.

The techincal part

- This sounds just as good as it should. Guitars sound brutal and distorted, yet not harsh and shrill. Drums are powerful, and the vocal fits right into the music, just as it should. Nothing to complain about here either. The mastering is very well done, and there are no compressors ruining the soundscape. Full of small easter eggs in the mix. The bass and treble in the mix are very well balanced, and everything sounds ridiculously punchy.


- Masterfully composed, and equally masterfully produced. We will certainly hear more from this band in the future. The most important thing is that you quit reading this and listen to this band instead.

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Thanks so much for the review

Some really helpful info there. We did record it all ourselves, so it's not quite amazing. We're going into the studio in a few months to record a couple of new songs, so I'll work on my riffing and structuring
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Thank you so much for reviewing my band bound it blue! i didnt expect you to like us that much! What you wrote truly means a lot to me and the guys
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Thanks for the review! I will say two things though, in response;

Those were the rough cuts. We went back and had a producer mix and master the tracks, so the production is now completely different.

Also, I wrote Nicotine, so thank you!
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They are in my UG profile now! (It's the three first songs)

Inspired by At The Gates, Dimension Zero, The Black Dahlia Murder etc.


Swedish Melodic Death Metal

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Drowning Out - Walking Dead (demo)

The musical part

- Had it not been for the horribly intonated clean vocals, this could have been very well listenable. It is hard to keep focus because of these vocals. The growling on the other hand, is good. Timing-wise, there are a lot of problems. At times it sounds like the drummer and guitarists are on different beats or even different songs. There are melodies that blend in well with the chorus, but that's about it. Most of the riffs are very generic and predictable.

The techincal part

- This is where this band definitely loses most of it's impact. There is a complete absence of bass in the mix. Even the kick drum has no bass to it, if it's there at all, along with the snare. When there is no kick or snare, to very important ingredients are missing from the metal mix. The guitar tones are not bad, but because they are not being coupled with a fitting level of bass, they lose most of their impact. The vocals need reverb - lots of them, and the clean vocals either need autotune or a new recording session.


- It's hard to tell if this has much potential at the moment, mostly because of the bad production which is ripping away the whole experience from the listener. Had this been professionally produced and vocals autotuned, it would certainly be edible, but not above cheap chinese food level. The growling vocals and guitar tones are the only thing keeping me from zeroing this. It never feels good being this harsh against young musicians, but this is an honest review after all.

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Fade To Oblivion - Drown (demo)

The musical part

- Instantly reminds me of Trivium as I put on the first song "Drown." Nothing to directly complain about here really, but nothing to get overly excited about either. The songs are nice and comfortable to listen to, but there is not really that much interesting going on either. I can't feel a great release of energy at the point of the breakdown on "Drown," which I would really love to hear. The guitar playing is nice, snug and tight. Hard to say anything about the bass playing, but it fits the songs at least. Clean vocals are nice, clean and intonated well. Some of the lead guitars need to show some more confidence with stronger vibratos and other techniques. The songs are nice and structured well. Relatively easy listening.

The technical part

- The reviewer (me) tried to slit his wrists the moment he discovered that the kick drum was panned to the right. This is such a deadly sin, which should be punished hard. People listening on laptop speakers might not care, but everyone else will notice. It is possible to hear that these guitars have been miced with quite a strange mic placement, but it works, in it's own way. Nothing sounds really bad in this mix, and most instruments are well balanced. Had it not been for the panning of some of the drums, this would have sounded quite acceptable for a demo.


- Good music. A comfortable listening experience. Fits well as background music for stuff, but solely listening to this gets a bit dull after a while, mostly because of the lack of interesting stuff in the songs. But not bad, not bad at all. I see a promising future for this band.

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Thank you very much, sir! We are hoping to at least START the recording process before summer is out; we've got a good deal on a recording session, we've just got to get the money for it. But I will add you and keep you updated so when we get recordings, you can do a full review!
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Thanks alot man. Checked you guys out as well. Really liked the direction of the sound. Well done.

I opened up our songs on cubase just to see if the drums are panned right. They most definitely are not which is wierd. We have played the songs in cars, stereos, headphones, etc and sold many copies of the demo and never have we (or anyone else) heard this. So I have no idea what you are hearing. Wierd. But thanks man, its nice to see an honest review for once.
Hey man, digging your band, great quality stuff, and cool riffs!

Would you mind checking my band Xstrophy out? We have a little demo thing we threw together in our basement and its not the best quality but its not terrible by any means. You can listen to all the songs on it at

Thanks a lot man, and keep up the good work yourself!
To whom it may concern,

I check out your music and it is pretty awesome! Really dig it!
As for the review part, here is my project called "The Philosopher and his Universe EP" that you can stream and download for free on:
Looking forward for your review.

I'm lagging a bit behind ATM, being busy with stuff. Will try to get some reviews going tomorrow morning. Stay tuned bands! I can see that I have potentially put water above my head here, but I'll just review as much as I can.
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Malsrud - The Confession (demo)

The musical part

- While Malsrud does not bring anything new or revolutionary to today's metal scene, it is certainly catchy and entertaining. The guitar playing is very tight, vocals are well placed, rhythmic and equally tight. This band keeps the good old melodeath with a bit of metalcore mixed into it interesting, but some people will want more, in the form of more innovative riffs and vocal lines. The songs are well structured and sound professinal. No doubt about that.

The technical part

- The songs are very well recorded and mixed. It is possible to sense a rather low studio budget or even a very well done home recording, but it's still good enough for the average Joe not to complain about. The guitar tones sound a bit sticky some times, but that's about it. Drums, bass and vocals all sound great, and are very well balanced in the mix. Not really anything to make big complaints over here.


- Good music, even though it lacks in the innovative part. People who are well worn metal listeners, this might get a little boring in the long run, but it's still a good listen. Malsrud is catchy and overall very well executed.

Guitarist and composer of the band SHADOWMIND. Check it out:


Have demos on band profile and a WIP single on the wall, cant wait to hear back!

(Vocals coming soon, also all done by me)
Heya mate,

Just listened to some tracks of you, I really like the combination of clean vocals and the grunting. It sounds really amazing. Gimme a PM when you strike in Holland .

I've just recorded our first demo's on my photocamera, i know it's bad quality, but maybe you could listen to a song anyways. (Preferable Mindblast)
I listened to a few of your band's stuff. Pretty decent work you guys have going on

Anyway, I was looking to get another review done for my latest release, an EP titled "Winter's Dominion"

My band is really a solo project of mine, called Northsong. It combines elements of Folk, Symphonic, and Viking metal.

You can download the EP here.

And for anyone else who may be interested, I'm always looking for new likes on my Facebook
Hi, here's my band (which right now is only me) called Rendered In Steel. This is a demo I made on my own. Hope you like it.
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I've been strugging with time to do reviews lately, will try to do as many as possible during this summer. Going on tour with my band is eating up all my time ATM.

Dark Horizon - Demo

The musical part

- It's a bit hard to decipher where Dark Horizon wants to go with this. The vocals are dark and gutteral, and are kind of unique. Some of the guitar playing is tight, but unfortunately some parts are so far outside the rhythm it hurts a little bit. Actually this music sounds kind of eerie, in an unintentional way. Not much more to say here really. The songs are pretty generic and don't really hit any strings in me.

The technical part

- I was told that this is all unfinished. Releasing unfinished material is bad. Period. Unless you are in a really popular band, nobody wants to hear your unfinished material. It's tempting to release it because you have been working so long and hard on it, but don't. The production itself is not the worst thing I've ever heard. Guitar tones are very decent, but the mix overall lacks any kinf of impressiveness. There is no audible reverb on anything, and the drums sound pretty synthetic.


- This needs a whole lot of more work, but may eventually blossom into something more enjoyable. Right now it just doesn't cut it.

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