That includes any accessories that are required or recommended for a beginner guitar player. Any suggestions? I hear Martin has the best,but I'm not sure if they fit in my budget. I'm guessing I'm gonna need a case,capo,picks,strings,what else?
blueridge br-40 or br-43 - more bass than most lam guitars or guitars in their price range, sounds very good. their tone can pass for all solid.

yamaha fg730s - more silvery brighter sound then the blueridges, nice finish. a little fuller tone than the 700. if you really want an acoustic electric, the all lam fx370c isn't bad at all. i'd prefer a better quality straight acoustic, but if you really want to plug in, the fx370c does better than the others i've tried in its class.

solid top recording kings

all solid recording king - either

i would not recommend the epiphones or the apx series. i also don't care for the lower priced taks as a rule, but you might feel differently.
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