Hello everyone,

I am in the market for a new amp. I am looking to upgrade from a Kustom 65DFX (1x12, Solid state, 65 watts). My current amp is pretty nice and I like the sound, especially for the price, so I will most likely not sell it and use it for practicing.

I am looking for a good tube amp, either a combo or a head that I can set up as a half-stack. I am pretty flexible and the half-stack will not be too loud as most of the time when I play shows, the amps are all backstage or in separate rooms with the volume cranked up .

I am looking at getting a Mesa Mark IV, however, the price is pretty steep. I was wondering what a reasonable price for this amp is, either combo or a head. I have checked ebay and seen anywhere from $600 to $2000. I currently have $600 bucks to spend but I do not need a new amp in a hurry. I can save more over the summer.

I was wondering if anyone has any insight on the Mesa amps regarding the Mark IV and the Dual/Triple Recs. I have looked around but have not been able to find anything.

The Mark IV seems to pretty much nail the tone I like, but I am really not too picky. I like to play a lot of Metallica style metal, classic metal and rock, as well as some more laid back clean music.

If you have any other suggestions I would love to hear them as well. I will most likely be looking in the used market but a new amp wouldn't be out of the question. Thanks for reading, and any thoughts you might have.

I forgot to mention my current gear. I am playing a Jackson Dinky with Seymour Duncan Humbuckers. I have another one (Rhoads) with the same pickups. I may be looking to get another guitar (strat, les paul, or similar) in the future.

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Personally, I'd say the best Mesa combo you can get for under $1000 used is the Rectoverb. Absolutely beautiful amp, I'll probably get one myself once I finish building my DSP rig. However the Mark series and Rectos have a pretty different tone, so it's all about what you're into. If you post your home city, we can look around Craigslist (and Kijiji if you're Canadian) and post some local ads that we think might be good ideas. Cheers bro!

The Vox Night Train is pretty good, and it fits your budget, but I would save up for the Mesa.
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I've got a Mesa Rectoverb, and I bought it used for about $800. To put it lightly, it's my precious. I can go from Pearl Jam-esque bright cleans to Deftones-grind distortion, it handles every end of the spectrum and it's a really versatile amp. It's a combo too, which is a nice plus.
As for a Rectifier vs. Mark IV, it's hard to say. Mark IV's are more tight and punchy, whereas Rectifiers are more spongy in sound. But really, it's your preference. I've heard Metallica has used Mark IV's or III's in the past to record, and I've also seen them using Triple Rectifiers onstage.
Guitar Center's actually a good place to look for used gear, it's where I found my amp. Here's a link.

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if you have the time to save for one/like the tone of them/ and can eq them then save for one.

but i stress the EQing part. i love me the sound of a good recto, but cannot properly EQ to save my life, its because of the passive vs active EQ.

but if it has "your tone" then youll make it work
I seen a MarkIV for $1200 on gc the other day. depending on how long it took you to save that $600 you could have it soon man! but theres still other good mesas out there, a lot of the discontinued ones go for the $500-800 range
If you very much prefer the sound of a Mark over a Recto, I'd recommend you save up for the Mark IV. In fact if you can get a MkIII its also worth it.

The Recto's clean channel isn't very much when compared to the Mark's clean, which is something you need to take into consideration. However, as all things tone go, YMMV.

I think anything between 800 - 1000 should be reasonable for a Mark. You have to consider things like condition of the amp, last service, retubes (Marks have a lot of tubes... a lot).

Personally, I'd just save the money for the Mesa. If you like an amp, and you're certain you want that amp, don't bother going for stop gaps.

One thing you'd like to note is that if you can bear to part with the money, you can try saving more... I know that at one time there were a few Mark Vs going around used as people bought it and found that they didn't quite like it.

The other option you can keep your eyes peeled for are used Road Kings or Roadster. They are much more versatile and higher end versions of the Rectos, if you prefer the recto sound. I think they have a better clean channel compared to the Rectos too.
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My first suggestion would be save for the Mark IV. It seems like that's what you want, and tone is worth saving up for, rather than getting something you don't like as much, just because it's cheaper.

The only other suggestion I have is to check out the Mark V - better cleans and lower gain, and I believe better crunch than the IV, so it might fit what you play a little better.
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First off +1 to the mesa rectoverb comments great amp even greater when slightly modded!! A rov can be had for under $700 if your lucky enough.
But the rov and mark iv are completely different the iv is more versatile and has slightly better cleans than the rov but like others said its personal preference.
A good price on a mark iv would be $999-1200.
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what would i do?

buy an amp used off of CL that is a large improvent over your current tone. you know you will not have trouble selling, and get it for a price that you can break dead even byut hoping to make a few $$$.

thats part of the reason i go through so much gear. i have twice gotten a guitar and flipped it the same day (less than 12 hours) and made money off of it.

if you do what i say though, be careful and do your research.

the whole point of that is to have a bettersounding amp while you are saving up, and when the day comes up and you have the cash, sell your the temp amp on CL, and buy the mark.
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Saving up for the Mesa does seem like the most viable option, especially considering I have no gigs that I would need an amp like that for in the immediate future.

What is the difference between the combo versions and the head versions of the mark iv? I think I've seen some rack versions of the head as well. How do the prices and playability compare? I am wondering because while a combo would be nice, if I am going to spend the money, I want really get something with balls. I could probably power a cab with the combo version but I am not sure.
If you get the short head, those can be mounted into a rack. The long heads tend to be rarer, but you have more controls on the front panel.

No difference between combo and head.
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