HEY MAN! Id luv to comment on this music.

Ok nice brooding thing. Small ostinato in da bass!!! Ok now it's going somewhere . I'm not sure if you are trying to make this "life like" or whatever, but let's just ignore the sounds. The musical ideas are STRONG and looking to have A GOOD TIME WITH SURPRISES AROUND EVERY CORNER!!

perhaps you could use a more DOMINANT MELODY atop all of this HARMONIC PROGRESSION!! I didn't know if this was meant to be used as a backing track or whatever. I like about halfways in when the QUICKER STRING PART over laps. Otherwise, PERHAPS THIS MIGHT SUFFER FROM TOO MUCH SAMENESS, but it really depends on CONTEXT so don't worry because youre musical spirit is strong.
Don't tell me what can not be done

Don't tell me what can be done, either.

I love you all no matter what.
Nice job!

It has a great heavy feel to it, and I can absolutely imagine some distorted lead guitar adding a lot to this (if that's what you meant in the Soundcloud description).

In time however it does get a bit repetitive and it'd be nice to have some variation, either in texture/style or with a whole 'nother contrasting section. Personally, I might have made the re-intro longer and more subtle, building up to a climax, for example. Though it's a bit hard to judge properly not knowing what parts are supposed to have guitar over them.

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