Picking an amp is pretty hard when you have about $1000 at your disposal. It's even harder when you play so many genres and styles...

Just looking for second/third/fourth etc. opinions about what I should go for. I will be in college for the next 4 years, so ability to transport is something I need to be in mind about as well. This also means Id prefer a combo amp rather than a stack. But the amp has to be able to keep up with loud drummers, and preferably tubed.

I play a lot of blues/indie rock/alt rock/... I need a great clean channel. I use pedals so that puts 1-channel amps in play, like fender reverbs and such.

I played a Vox AC-30, and I liked it a lot, I didnt get to use my pedals with it, but compared to some Fenders I've played, the cleans of the Vox hardly compare for my taste.

I'm open for looking used as well, but the cap really is at about 1000.

I've got a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe.
It's clean channel is almost immaculate. Right now that's all I have been playing on.
It's 40 watts so it gets really loud, and has no problem keeping up with a drummer.
On the downside, it is kind of heavey, but nothing too bad.
They run $700 USD new, so you would have some leftover cash.