Does anyone know avenged sevenfolds amp settings
I have a line 6 spider iv 15w
Use any of the higher gain models except for the Insane channel. Have your mids just a little bit over half way. Have the bass about the same, perhaps a little more than the mids. Don't max out the treble but have it slightly higher than the bass. Adjust gain depending on the amp model and your pickups output.

You won't sound like them with a Spider 4 but that will at least get you a usable modern rock/metal tone that's vaguely in their ballpark.
Yeah, they use different amps.
If you wan't to cover any of their songs, just find your own tone with the gain channel turned up to 7 or 8 or so (Out of 10) and scoop teh mids, like all the Bass and Treble knobs adjusted to 5 (12 o'clock).
Next thing I know it will be a thread saying
"What deodourant does Alexi Laiho use?
I want to become an exact copy of him, I have already had plastic surgery, perfected my Scandinavian accent, got all of his signature gear, and now I want to smell like him.
I plan to murder him so I can assume his place in Children of Bodom on tour".

I expect to see that thread coming up very soon.
Message is, be yourself, don't copy other stupid pop-metal bands that only emo scene girls like.
AX7 only made two albums. The first two. The rest is just emo garbage.