Hey id like to buy one of those traveler guitars but im not sure witch one... Im thinking about TRAVELER GUITARS EG2 and TRAVELER GUITARS EG1 (that vintage gold)... My main guitar is strat 62 vintage and i need something for traveling but it s not necessary to be like strat
Any of you have some experience with it??
Any other idea about guitar for traveling. Id like to take to the airplane and not be scared to play it in hot weather somewhere by the sea...
Thanks for any advice
I'll vouch for the Hohner G3T.

Portable and has a decent sound to it too. Youtube it for demos.

There's also the Steinberger Spirit which is the same shape but I have no experience with them. If nothing else, the Hohner has more versatile switching options though.
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That Hohner sounds prety good. Not sure about the body. I will try both. What I like about those traveler guitars is that they are kinda "normal body" guitars... I think i ll mostly play it with iphone/ipad with irig. Another think what i like is that it has preamp and JACK for headphones...
Do you have any personal experience with it (traveler guitar)?? Because I m still not sure if I want to spend 550 euro on that. It s kinda edge maybe lil over the edge... The thing why I m asking here is that here are no shops with those guitars (CZ) so I cannot try it. I ll have to travel 350 km to germany...
Have no experience with the EG1/2, sorry.

Another thing to consider re: the Hohner is that it requires double ball end strings. Not sure if the travel guitar does but double ball ends are more expensive and a little harder to get hold of than regulars.
Got it:
Pacifica 604w, Hohner G3T, PRS SE Soapbar I, Schecter Ultra I
Fender 'evil' Twin, Marshall 2554 combo
I own the EG1, have owned the hohner spirit (formerly steinberger spirit) and the too fat neck steinberger synapse. The EG1 is the lightest (by far), and best playing and sounding (by far). I also am a long time Strat player. The only drawback to the EG-1 is the tuning and restringing. I am modding my EG-1 with locking tuners. That will help alot with both. I am also swapping the pickup for the Seymour Duncan single coil/humbucker switchable pickup rewired to the three position switch that is used currently for the onboard overdrive (which I dont use). EG1 uses regular strings also.
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