alright guys, I have a dean dime from hell, and I recently put a seymour duncan dimebucker in it. When I plug it into my amp, you can barely loud even when it's turned to 5 or 6 on my amp ( hartke 100C gt.) so, I plug in my squier tele custom at same volume level. Almost blows my roof off... Every other guitar I have, even my alvarez acoustic/electric = loud but that one. Do yall have any idea what could be wrong with my guitar? Wiring or what? Maybe a faulty pup?
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Did you do the wiring yourself? If so, bring it to a shop, see what they can do. If you had a shop do it, bring it back and tell them what happened. They should fix it for free if they have decent service.
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Wiring Problem.
Get it checked by a professional.

Or it would be hilarious if you just had your volume knob turned down or something stupid like that *smiley icon*