Hello! I'm a longtime UG surfer and guitar player that has newly registered to these forums. My band, The Conversion, has just completed our first CD. It is all self produced and recorded and we're fairly proud of the accomplishment.

Please feel free the check out the tunes. We have them up for free download on our facebook, so also please feel free to take them with you! ;-)

Constructive comments are welcome, and if you happen to have any questions I'd be delighted to hear them!

www.theconversionrocks.com follow the link under music!

Not a huge fan of the guitar tone and production, but you guys are a tight group! Singer's pretty good, sounds a bit like Brandon Boyd from Incubus. I am your 187th Facebook fan now!

While I'm at it, would you mind checking out some of my stuff? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=27468619