What's up UG forum creepers? To be blunt about this thread, I'm sick of my local scene (Phoenix, AZ) being a lion's den where you have to fight tooth and nail to steal fans from other bands. I want to unify my scene, all genres of it, and I want to bring the passion and companionship back into the music like it use to be. This came about after I watched American Hardcore, an amazing documentary about the rise and fall of Hardcore from '80-'86.

So basically I'm asking the advice of this awesome crowd in where to start, best practices, and ideas on how to get the boll rolling in making a local Fan Zine to represent the local talent and how to get the support of fans and concert goers. I'm fed up with the mind set of music these days being all about image and how cool you are or how much your band is better than his band because you have more friends on facebook/myspace/whathaveyou.

Any suggestions?

I have already started talking to bands and am developing a positive relationship with promoters and venues, but it's where to go from here that leaves me writing this post.
American Hardcore is an excellent movie, and I'm in the same boat as you. Here in Southern NH, bands range from acoustic pop to full-on death metal, but there is ZERO unity. Some bands have literally violent fan factions, that will jump fans and members of bands they don't like. Sadly I have no experienced advice for you, because I think my scene is too far gone. But I too would love to hear peoples' ideas.

EDIT: Try asking around the punk forums. This is a very punk rock thing to do, and they'll likely have some ideas for you.
Play at Tempe Market place?
Lets jump in a pool

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Write better music and put on a true show, eventually other bands will take notice and the scene will naturally grow. Making friends with the bands will help, but if the bands suck the scene will suck.

Or just start every show screaming into the mic "WHERE IS THE UNITY..........WHERE IS IT?!?!"

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Organize a meeting of all the bands in your local music scene in one place and tell them to shape up and stop being so stupid. All you have to do to get them to come is offer free beer.
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So what you're saying is trying to get people to like other kinds of music even if they said no already? It's like trying to get me to like flamenco. No means no.

I think it's got more to do with mutual respect.
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Quote by metaldud536
So what you're saying is trying to get people to like other kinds of music even if they said no already? It's like trying to get me to like flamenco. No means no.

That's not at all what I'm saying. Personally I can put my Zune (That's right, iPods suck) on shuffle and hear anywhere from Rancid, to Black Dahlia Murder, to L'Arc En Ciel, to Taylor Swift, to Staind, to Blink-182, to the Avett Brothers and everything in between. I love music because it's MUSIC, not because it's the cool thing at the time, not because this singer is hot or that guitar player is amazing, but because it's a release from my bullshit every day life. Maybe I'm mistaken by thinking that there's more people out there like me who just love the raw energy of live music. Maybe I'm going against the grain, or maybe people just need to broaden their horizons and start acknowledging there's talent in all kinds of genres.

So what I'm saying is that even if you don't like a band or a genre of music, you can still give them props for trying to live their dream and recognize they have potential for their genre and help them out. Unity. Friendship. Or are we still picking fights over petty differences?