I also posted this message in the recording section, but I think it is appropriate here as well.

My band, The Conversion, has just completed our first CD. It is all self produced and recorded and we're fairly proud of the accomplishment. We are a pretty straightforward melodic rock group.

Please feel free the check out the tunes. We have them up for free download on our facebook, so also please feel free to take them with you! ;-)

www.theconversionrocks.com follow the link under music!

We are also pretty excited about an opportunity to open for Fair to Midland this July, an extremely talented band that should also be checked out if you are unfamiliar with them.

Thanks a lot guys, I look forward to any feedback and would like to listen to any of your groups' endeavors as well!

Pretty good sound. I can't decide who you guys remind me of.

The song "The Battle" was my favorite. I liked the main riff and the vocals alot. It was kind of remincent of Rage Against the Machine if that doesn't sound too strange. I thought, melodically, as a whole package, that it was the strongest song of the bunch.

Overall though, the whole album has loads of hooky melodies and catchy little guitar riffs.

Vocalist voice is very good as well.

If you aren't terribly busy, check out my band at http://www.reverbnation.com/famousthieves

We'd love some feedback.
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Thank you for the feedback! I'm really glad you enjoyed it.

Listened to your stuff, and I really like your guitar tone. It's always refreshing to hear guitar tone with clarity, haha! You guys have a really cool groove and melody in all of the tunes! I really liked the lead lick in Sorry, very catchy little groove there.

Sweet stuff man!

Thanks again for giving us a listen.